2020 Holidays

Dear All

You are reminded that it is important for your physical and mental wellbeing to take time away from the workplace and from the daily pressures of work.   2020 is going to be a particularly tough year for everyone because of the worry and anxiety associated with COVID-19 and the impact that is having on our daily lives.      

The Company’s general policy on holidays is to actively encourage all employees to take their full complement of holidays which is reinforced by the policy of NOT allowing carry-over of holidays into the next holiday year. 

We are, therefore, requesting, if you have not already done so to pre-book your holidays with your Manager so that you have the dates you want. As always, this will be on a first come first served basis because of the need to manage cover on the various sections. 

Whilst it is possible for the Company to provide you with notice to take holiday, we would much prefer to encourage you all to book your holidays at a time when you would want to take them. You are, therefore, requested to start planning when you wish to take holidays and have them booked with your Manager before the end of September 2020.     

Kind regards

Chris Mason
Director of HR
Alamo Group Europe Limited

Email : cmason@alamoeur.com
Tel:  01789 774314