Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures for Alamo UK Businesses

We are immensely grateful and proud of the way our employees have behaved and supported and co-operated with the Company on anything asked of them during this crisis. We know these are worrying times for everyone. Despite everyone’s best efforts, for a number of reasons, we now find it is no longer viable to continue to operate efficiently or safely. The leadership team has been working hard on measures we can take to protect our
employees in terms of their safety, wellbeing and financially but, sadly, because of other factors, we are now faced with enforcing a factory shutdown as follows:

This will impact ALL employees with the exception of a minimal number of employees who will be required to support customers where necessary. These will be on an exception basis and will be authorized directly by Christian Davies.

Shutdown end of August is now cancelled and moved to the above period.

This will be a 12-day shutdown – 2 days will be the Easter Bank Holiday and 2 days used from changing the Christmas shutdown. The closure for the Christmas shutdown will now be pushed back to 22nd December. Further communication regarding Christmas will follow in the normal manner.

This means you will be required to use 8 days of your flexible holiday to support the shutdown proposed for 30th March – 14th April 2020.

We guarantee that no employees who support the Company in these measures will be financially impacted during these 2 weeks and we also guarantee our complete support in being flexible in allowing you to build credit for any time off later in the year, by agreement, or indeed to support these 2 weeks if you have already taken holiday.

We will continue to provide updates throughout this period and you are advised to check regularly by putting the following address into your address bar (not via google):