Information and guidance (All employees)

We are fully committed to doing everything we can to ensure business continuity in the light of the challenges created by COVID-19. We are monitoring and following Government and Public Health England advice and taking recommended measures to ensure the safety of our employees, suppliers and customers. The communication from our Government last night (23rd March) is that we are a business that can remain operational during these times. We are also under the directive of Alamo Inc to continue to operate. We can assure you, we are continuing to follow the instructions from our Government and will continue to do so. We need our employees to ensure they abide by the instructions already communicated. As soon as we know anything additional, we will let you know as a priority.

This a rapidly changing environment but please be assured we will keep you informed should the situation change.

To keep everyone as safe throughout these difficult unprecedented times, you are asked to apply the following, wherever possible, without unnecessarily disrupting the business:

Restrict movement from department to department and around the site – Use calls and emails wherever possible.

• If you do need to go to another department to meet with a co-worker then please maintain the 2m distance.

• You are also reminded to apply robust hygiene in terms of washing hands, coughing into a tissue or into the crook of your arm and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

• You are also encouraged to maintain a clean working environment particularly desks, phones etc. If your desk is clear at the end of the day the cleaners can do their job – they will not touch your desk if it is covered in paper. Alternatively, take responsibility for your own work environment.

Sickness rules continue to apply – please therefore inform your Supervisor/Manager within the 1st hour of any sickness and then continue to provide daily updates.

Childcare arrangements – with your continued co-operation, the Company will be as flexible as possible within current shift arrangements to enable to meet your childcare responsibilities. Please discuss these with your Supervisor who will gain approval from Richard Ward.

• If you do need to go to another department to meet with a co-worker then please maintain the 2m distance.

Additional items

All face to face meetings are cancelled and replaced with conference calls, Skype etc.

All visitors to the site have been cancelled except for essential services.

Field-based employees will remain available to customers through the normal channels and available to meet subject to the customers own comfort and agreement to meet face-to-face.

• All but essential travel between the two AGE-UK facilities is restricted without specific approval from Christian Davies.