COVID-19 Symptoms

Below is a chart that is a helpful reminder of what you need to do should you develop COVID-19 Symptoms now that tests are more commonly available.  

You are instructed NOT TO COME TO WORK but to make contact with your Manager (or myself if you cannot get through) to report your absence and the reasons in the normal manner.

You should then start isolating whilst arranging a test by calling 119 or using where specific instructions will be provided.  

You will NOT be permitted to return to work unless you have provided the results of your test IN ADVANCE OF YOU RETURNING TO WORK.   The results can be sent via email to me at or by text attaching the image to 07964 904473    These will be held confidentially in line with the Company’s GDPR Employee Private Notice available on the intranet.  

If you have any questions please let me know.

Kind regards
Chris Mason 

Director of HR