COVID-19 Travel Advice

AONProtect travel assistance phone number is 
+44 (0)20 7173 7797

Policy No. P20PATPTP01143

Company Name is Alamo Group Europe Limited

Additionally, in the case of difficulties, the following members of the Management Team can be contacted for further advice and assistance:

Christian Davies +44(0)7713 723 763 
Antony Prince +44(0)7891 546 216 
James Cuthbertson +44(0)7768 553 799 
Chris Mason +44(0)7964 904 473 (all other employees) 

Whilst the Government has announced the lifting of the 14-day quarantine for visitors to the UK from countries covered by the travel corridor exemption, the Company policy is that only ESSENTIAL business travel is being authorised. All business travel will need the specific written approval of:

• Christian Davies, General Manager, UK Agricultural Division

The FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) currently advises British nationals against all but essential international travel, however, from 10th July 2020, you do not need to self-isolate on your return to the UK from countries and territories covered by the travel corridor exemption in the following link: 

You will need to self-isolate if you were in a country that is not on the list in the 14 days before your return to England – this applies to all travel to England, by train, ferry, coach, air or any other route. 

Also if your journey involved a transit stop in a country not on the list, you will need to self-isolate on your return to England but only if new passengers get on the transport or you or other passengers get off to get back on again thereby increasing exposure to other people.

The advice is being kept under constant review. Travel disruption is still possible and national control measures may be brought in with little notice.

FCO travel advice includes information on any health measures in place for visitors to a country or territory. These can include a requirement to self-isolate, quarantine or undergo testing for coronavirus, or even restrictions on entry.

If your travel is essential, you are strongly advised to plan to consider the following:

Keep up to date with the latest developments for your destination before and during your trip:

Check FCO travel advice

Sign up for country specific travel advice

Another useful webpage is Travel HealthPro website ( for travel health advice.

Read the safer air travel guidance (

You should not travel if you:

• Are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms or have in the last 7 days
• Are self-isolating because of coronavirus symptoms
• Are sharing a household or support bubble with somebody who has experienced coronavirus symptoms in the last 14 days.
• Have been advised by NHS test and trace service then you must self-isolate

INSURANCE – Business Travel ONLY 

All travellers are requested to keep with them, at all times, the AONProtect insurance card (attached). Due to COVID-19, actual cards are not being distributed. Additional information is contained in the Employee Assistance Document also attached.

The Company Travel Insurance policy has renewed in most material respects on the same terms.

The situation is now varied with each country easing their restrictions at different times, both for their travel externally and for people travelling to a particular country. Any quarantine period for arriving in Country or any quarantine/self-isolation on return to the UK would not be an Insured Event as this should be included within the planning.

It would need to be considered that restrictions could be re-introduced or tightened without notice, which could impact any planned travel or possibly any employees whilst travelling.

The risk of re-introducing or tightening restrictions is currently a known risk (however, will differ for each country around the world, depending on their local circumstances) and you should consider this in your Risk Assessments/contingency plans.

In the event an Insured person has travelled and becomes stranded abroad, every effort should be made to return (as it was in February/March at the start of the Covid Pandemic) and underwriters would review each claim submitted on its individual circumstances. Fundamentally, we are still covered for events outside the control of the Policyholder or Insured Person.

We need to be mindful of the Exclusion under Travel, Sub-section 1 – Cancellation, Curtailment etc, that notes ‘regulations made by any public authority or government except in response to a natural catastrophe’. This exclusion is meant to exclude such things like travel and flight bans imposed by public authorities and governments. Alamo employees should follow FCO travel advice/guidelines and not travel to any Country against any Government and Public Authority regulatory advice.

Medical Cover will be in place as per the standard terms and conditions of our Insurance Policy. However, something to consider is that should an insured person fall ill with Covid symptoms, the healthcare and any following actions may be dictated by the local state/government authorities and AONProtect’s assistance provider maybe limited on their level of assistance until the Insured person has recovered or no longer showing symptoms.

The Alamo person’s in each Country/Territory covered would need to follow their own and each Country visited, Government Advices and act accordingly when planning any travel.

Individual travel or a couple of people travelling would not need to be disclosed to underwriters, however, they would expect Alamo to be meeting their Duty of Care to the Employees, ensuring the Trips are planned carefully, taking into account personal safety, social distancing and PPE if required.

However, the situation with the current pandemic unprecedented on its impact and nature. This means that there are exposures where underwriters now need some more information than they would normally require. For example, underwriters would consider it a Material Fact to be disclosed if there is any known exposure for conferences or events that are likely to involve several Employees/Insured Persons. For these, there is a requirement to get in touch with our Broker, Aon, so that they can discuss further with underwriters and let us know what additional information (if any) would be required so that they can consider and review accordingly.

Alamo has gone through a recent renewal cycle with no COVID exclusion on the policy, we would need to declare any future trips involving 10+ persons.

Travelling and arriving

Measures to keep yourself safe whilst travelling and on arrival is to practice all UK measures but be alert to specific measures for the country of arrival:
• Apply social distancing – keep 2 metres away from people outside your householder or support bubble and minimise the time you spend near other people.
• Hand sanitiser – take your own supply of hand sanitiser for a flight (bear in mind hand luggage restrictions for liquids)
• Face coverings must be worn when departing the UK and may be the same in other airports of arrival. Check before you travel.
• Take spare face coverings with you and a plastic bag to dispose of the used one.
• Check with airline any additional measures they may have introduced i.e. no hand luggage

Find out about any entry restrictions, screening, or quarantine requirements on arrival at your destination that might affect you. Travel advice webpage is listed above or contact the UK-based embassy of the country you are travelling to.

Check with your accommodation provider for information about the safety measures they have put in place. When you check-in to your hotel you should be provided with a briefing of their restrictions etc. They should also advise on actions to be taken should you be taken ill.

If you test positive for coronavirus you are likely to need to get treatment locally and stay there until you have recovered. If you are required to quarantine or self-isolate by local authorities, you should expect to do so in country. You may therefore need to stay longer. Plan for any delay to your return home and the financial implications and practical arrangements you may need to make.

Check the advice of local authorities and follow all local health measures in place during your journey and in your destination. This is particularly important as they can change rapidly.

All other employees – Non-business related travel

Whilst this policy has been written mainly for Business Travel, most of the content will relate to anyone planning holidays in the current climate. We do ask employees to seriously consider whether your planned holiday should go ahead because of the rapidly changing situation.

The Government have said they will not hesitate to implement quarantine periods should the situation changing in any of the countries listed in the travel corridors. This is to protect ALL UK citizens and, therefore, you may find your travel plans disrupted or required to quarantine on your return to the UK. In this scenario please contact Chris Mason on +44(0)7964 904 473 to inform us of the situation and to discuss what payment we will be able to provide to cover you for the 14 days which will be unpaid leave or holiday.