Covid Update & Christmas Shutdown

11th December 2020

To all employees

Dear Colleagues,


Firstly, on behalf of the UK Senior Management, I want to thank you for your commitment and diligence in adhering to all the measures we have introduced since March 2020 and whilst it is good news that a vaccine has been approved and is being rolled out across the UK, there are NO Government plans to ease any of the Covid-secure measures introduced for all workplaces.

Notification of Symptoms

During the Christmas shutdown, we ask you to continue to inform the Company of any change in your circumstances i.e., symptoms or close contact of someone who tests positive. If you need to get yourself tested, please submit the test results to or text 07964 904473. I will be in touch to inform you of any restrictions to your ability to return to work on 4th January 2021. These measures are necessary to keep everyone safe, so your co-operation is appreciated. As a reminder UK isolation period is 10 days if you test positive, if you need to self-isolate having been in contact with someone (down from 14 days) and if you are required to quarantine having travelled abroad.

Overseas Travel

If it is your intention on travelling abroad to any of the countries listed on the travel corridor, you are asked to inform the Company so that we are aware should you be caught up in any changes to these travel corridors which will require you to quarantine on your return to the UK. This can be done by either informing your Manager prior to the Christmas shutdown or contacting me on or text 07964 904473 during the shutdown.

4th January 2021

On your return to work, we will be continuing to abide by Government guidelines to provide a Covid-secure workplace and we, therefore, ask for your continued support in adhering to these measures until further notice. In particular:
• Follow all the Covid-secure signage and notices and be respectful of the 2m distance.
• Wash your hands more frequently than normal. Hand sanitiser stations are available.
• All symptoms, however, mild should be reported to your line Manager or HR.
• If you are required to self-isolate the test results must be submitted to the Company before you will be permitted to return to work.
• There should be minimal movement around the site. NO unnecessary visits to other offices or using offices as a short cut to another area.
• Please keep all face-to-face contact to an absolute necessity i.e., consider other means of communications wherever possible. If meetings are essential maintain the 2m distance and wear face coverings.

Last, but not least, I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to welcoming you all back on 4th January 2021.

Chris Mason
Director of HR