Desk Area

As part of ongoing actions to continue to keep the offices and production facilities COVID-safe, Perspex screens have been fitted (or will be fitted) around desks in the open plan areas. 

A key part of keeping working environments clean, is the clear desk policy introduced some weeks ago which is working well in the majority of cases. This policy is likely to remain with us as it not only creates a professional image but, essentially, a much cleaner environment for everyone as it enables the cleaners to do their job. 

In addition to this, wipes are being provided to assist you in keeping your own desk/keyboard/mouse/phone etc. sanitised.    Where screens are fitted, you are also requested to take responsibility for keeping the inside of those clean and clear.  The outside will be the responsibility of the cleaning company to do as part of their daily clean.       

If you are running low of supplies of wipes, hand sanitiser, gloves etc. contact your Manager who will arrange for more to be provided.     

Thank you for your continued co-operation and diligence.   If you have any questions please let me know.

Kind regards
Chris Mason
Director of HR