Homeworking Policy

Effective date: 20/03/2020
Approved by: Chris Mason

Home working agreement

The Company reserves the right to terminate the homeworking arrangement at any time for any reason with limited notice.

Employees will be required to be available during your normal working hours. You should ensure you take the usual approved breaks.

The homeworking arrangement will be subject to regular review.

Employees working from home will be required to comply with all company policies including holiday, performance expectations, sickness, absence etc. You are also required to abide by the social media policy. 

Working hours

• Employees working from home will be responsible for ensuring they complete their working hours as defined in the contract of employment.

• Employees will be responsible for ensuring they take their rest breaks as defined in their contracts ofemployment. Working time should be monitored and your usual rest break at lunchtime should be adhered to.


• You will be provided with the appropriate equipment to enable you to work from home. You will be asked to sign an Asset Register to confirm the equipment you have taken. You will be asked to sign each piece of equipment back on your return to the office. The equipment will remain the property of the Company.

• You will be expected to take reasonable care of the equipment which will remain covered under the Company insurance policy.

• You should ensure the equipment is only used for Company business. Therefore, you are prohibited from using Company equipment for internet browsing (none work related) and social media posts.

• In line with our normal IT policies, all activity using Company facilities can be monitored to ensure adherence to other policies such as social media etc.

On-going communications

• Whilst working from home, you must ensure ongoing communication with your colleagues and team. It is important that the energy and focus of each department in maintained, along with productivity. Line managers will organise regular team updates.

• A contribution to the cost of electricity, telephone, broadband will be covered by the Company and apayment of £3.00 for each day working from home will be made to cover these costs. This should be claimed through the normal expense procedure. No additional reimbursement will be made.

• Employees must keep Company data and Company materials safe and secure at all times, ensuring reasonable precautions are being taken to maintain confidentiality in accordance with the GDPR policy.

Meetings and events – Please think ahead in respect of any meetings or events that you are due to attend. We are
encouraging you to minimise face to face contact. Instead, please consider:

Using video conferencing or teleconferencing for meetings where possible.

Field-based employees will remain available to customers through the normal channels and available to meet subject to the customers own comfort and agreement to meet face to face.

If you are due to host a face-to-face meeting at our premises, please contact whoever you are meeting in advance to ensure they are aware that we are restricting visitors, wherever possible, to the site.

If you must meet face-to-face, use larger spaces for meetings to limit close contact. Government guidance recommends a distance of 2 metres to limit contamination risk.

Do not attend any premises where it is known that staff have recently contracted the Coronavirus. In such circumstances, agree an alternative place to meet or use alternative meeting methods.

Taking holiday

During any period that you are working from home, you will be able to book holiday in the usual way.

You must notify your Line Manager without delay of any planned travel abroad within the next 6 months.

Childcare and other responsibilities if you care for others (carer)

Whilst you are working from home, we expect you to maintain the same level of focus and attentionto your role as though you were in the office. It is not appropriate for you to take on childcare or responsibilities to care for others whilst you are supposed to be working at full capacity at home.

If you have childcare or carer responsibilities that may be affected by the Coronavirus, e.g. relating to school closure, please notify your line manager as soon as possible to agree a contingency plan in the event that you need to accommodate your carer responsibilities.

Where possible, we will seek to offer flexible homeworking arrangements to allow parents and carers to accommodate their personal responsibilities. This might include for example, working a portion of your hours during the evening once children have gone to bed.

However, if this is not possible, employees will be entitled to use their annual leave entitlement or once annual leave is exhausted may be permitted a period of unpaid “special leave”

Risk assesssment

In normal circumstances, a full risk assessment would be completed to ensure that you have theappropriate workplace available to enable a safe and productive working environment. However, in order to allow you to work from home, we are waiving that requirement.

The Company will still have a Duty of Care for you whilst working from home and, therefore, if you have any concerns about your working environment, you are instructed to speak to your Manager. Alternative arrangements will then be put in place which may include working from the office, unpaid leave, holiday etc.